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Dopamine Decor Tips: 5 Accent Wall Ideas

a living room accent wall with large graphic flowers wallpaper

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In recent years, dopamine decor has gained immense popularity due to its mood-boosting qualities and the scope it provides for self-expression. 

One way enthusiasts are taking their designs to the next level is by incorporating dopamine-drenched accent walls.

In this article, we'll discuss five methods you could implement to create a joy-infused accent wall in any room of your home, elevating the positive atmosphere to new heights. 

What is Dopamine Decor?

a bedroom with a dopamine decor style - yellow and blue walls, plants and floral blanket

Dopamine decor is an interior design aesthetic aimed at boosting the happy hormone "dopamine". 

This is typically done through the use of fun decor elements such as diverse colour schemes, eclectic ornaments, and playful patterns. However, this aesthetic is not bound by any rules or guidelines, and its true purpose is to provide a canvas for expressing one's personality and creating a space that brings joy and happiness.

When decorating to achieve a dopamine decor aesthetic let your imagination take control. Think of what makes you happy, and how to brighten the space both visually and atmospherically.

What is an Accent Wall?

a colourful accent wall featuring circular shapes behind a pink couch in a living room

An accent wall, sometimes called a feature wall, is essentially a wall that is decorated differently from the rest of the walls in a given room. The main purpose of an accent wall is to enhance the aesthetic of the space.

Decorators often use accent walls to add contrast or to showcase a design or feature without overwhelming the room by covering every wall in the same design. Accent walls can also serve as backdrops for central furniture items or room sections such as a couch, bed or bathtub. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing which wall to use as an accent wall, but typically it's a wall or section of the room you want to stand out or has the most exposure, e.g. most amount of natural light or the least amount of tall furniture or obstructions covering it. 

5 Dopamine Decor Accent Wall Ideas

Implementing an accent wall is one way to layer your decor. We love to layer with any style, but especially dopamine decor as this style goes beautifully with a maximalist approach where "more is more".

When designing a space to achieve a playful and artistic atmosphere, it's helpful to keep decorative areas of your home curated and thoughtfully arranged to prevent the space from feeling overwhelmed or cluttered. An accent wall provides both decoration itself and a designated area to showcase your interior design. 

There are many easy ways to create an accent wall, so, without further ado, let's explore these five ideas.

1: Funky Wallpaper

a dopamine decor console table with white and blue wavy wallpaper and pink accents

Image Credit: SorbetDreams | Buy on Etsy

Using wallpaper is an easy way to decorate your dopamine decor accent wall with fun patterns, giving the room's aesthetic an instant boost with minimal effort.

Dopamine decor is all about fun colours, playful shapes, and self-expression. Consider using pastel palettes or vibrant neons with patterns such as stripes, polka dots, graphic florals, or abstract shapes. The wallpaper in the above photo is a perfect representation of everything this mood-boosting style is about, featuring blue and white waves complemented by stunning pink accents.

Some wallpaper is made accessible as a temporary option perfect for renters as it can be easily peeled off without damaging the wall surface underneath.

2: Murals

a colourful dopamine decor bedroom with floral murals on the walls and a pastel theme

A mural is a fantastic way to bring some artistic flair to your dopamine decor. If you're artistically inclined, you might consider designing the mural yourself, but if a paintbrush isn't your tool of choice, there are plenty of ready-made stick-on murals available. If it's within your budget, you could consider hiring an artist to design a custom-made mural for you. 

Consider the theme of your room, and think about what type of illustration could complement it. Some possible styles to consider are watercolour, abstract and art deco. For more inspiration on mural accent walls check out our Pinterest board.

3: Art Gallery

a dopamine decor accent wall with framed prints

A gallery wall is simply a wall with a curated selection of wall hangings that could either cover the whole or the majority of a wall. 

They can make a fantastic accent wall, giving you a way to showcase your favourite prints, posters, paintings or photographs. 

Curate a set of artwork that makes you feel joyful and arrange it in a way that's aesthetically pleasing to your personal preferences. Consider combining a selection of textures, colours and shapes to add visual interest and diversity to your dopamine decor space. If you would like to maintain some coordination in your gallery wall, try opting for pieces that have a common thread such as the same colour or art style. 

4: Colour Blocking

a dopamine decor accent wall featuring a colour blocking technique

A diverse selection of colours is a surefire way to make your dopamine decor full of life and maximise its uplifting qualities. Colour blocking is a technique where multiple colours are blocked together to create a striking effect.

There are many different ways to utilise the colour-blocking technique. You can quite literally paint blocks of different colours across your accent wall or include other shapes and effects such as the living room accent wall pictured above with a polygon shape design. Check out our colour-blocking Pinterest board for some inspiration.

5: Wall Decals

a bathroom sink with sun wall decals decorating the wall

Wall decals are perfect for spicing up your dopamine decor accent wall. They are essentially adhesive decorations that can be applied to a multitude of surfaces such as walls or windows. With most being easily removable, which is a plus for renters trying to avoid wall damage, wall decals are versatile, easy to apply and adjust, and available in a huge range of designs.

Decals can come in a mural-type form which could be placed centrally on the wall, but are commonly used similarly to the photo above, spaced evenly across the accent wall, mimicking a wallpaper effect. The benefit of using decals instead of wallpaper is you have more control over the spacing and layout of the design.

These sun decals, by KennaSatoDesigns, in the above image are a perfect choice for a dopamine decor accent wall, instantly infusing a ray of happiness throughout your space.

Dopamine decor is all about adding joy and personality to your home, and accent walls are the perfect canvas for this creativity. From funky wallpaper to colourful murals and eclectic artwork displays, there are endless ways to make your room pop while maintaining functionality and without overwhelming the space. 

Whether you're renting or you own your home, these ideas offer simple yet impactful ways to infuse happiness into your decor. 

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