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Dopamine Decor Wall Decor | 13 Ideas for a Joy-Drenched Home

a dopamine decor bedroom with floral wallpaper, framed art and colourful decor

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Dopamine decor is an internet aesthetic focused on filling your home with vibrant colour palettes, playful textures and decor that brings joy.

Dopamine decor advocates tend to steer clear of the concept of conservative or minimalist home design, instead going for a more maximalist aesthetic, layering their homes with a diverse collection of embellishments that spark happiness, creating a space that authentically reflects their personalities.

When it comes to choosing the right wall decor for dopamine decor spaces, you want to use this design element to infuse your favourite colours, art styles and feel-good messages into your home. It's all about creating a space that makes you smile.

Look beyond the typical landscape or portrait and think about choosing artwork that makes you want to sit and reflect on what you see. Perhaps it's a piece that complements your passion for nature, reminds you of a loved one or makes you laugh.

We've put together a list of thirteen types of wall art which go perfectly in a dopamine decor space, providing you with inspiration for your own joy-drenched home design.

Dopamine Decor Wall Decor | 13 Ideas for a Joy-Drenched Home

The art you choose for your dopamine decor space should reflect your own ideas on self-expression. Typically, you'll see enthusiasts of this aesthetic curating gallery walls which showcase a broad variety of playful colours, mixed art styles, and multiple mediums to create a quirky, eclectic, and possibly even whimsical interior design.

The pieces we've selected reflect a classic dopamine decor aesthetic, so let's explore so you can find your perfect piece of wall decor.

1: Animal Art

a colourful dopamine decor artwork of cats at a picnic

Image Credit: terracottanoon | Buy on Etsy

If you love animals, why not incorporate them into your wall decor? For example, the piece above by terracottanoon is perfect for cat lovers, featuring an abstract style, and bright and playful colours.

Alternatively, you could put up pictures of a beloved pet or wildlife photography of your favourite animal to bring a wholesome and personalised touch to your dopamine decor space.

2: Preserved Moss Art

an art work made of preserved moss

We love preserved moss wall art for its captivating ability to immediately draw your attention when you walk into a space. Don't you just want to reach out and touch it?

This type of moss art is made using real moss that has been preserved and arranged to create a 3D tactile artwork that brings nature and diversity into your dopamine decor. It makes a wonderful addition for those who want to infuse a biophilic look into their home decor, adding depth and visual interest.

3: Embroidered Wall Decor

an embroidery hoop decorated with birds, flowers and leaves

Look beyond paintings and prints and introduce a new medium into your home decor by incorporating embroidered artwork. Another type of art with a pleasing tactile quality, embroidered art is created using embroidery needles and thread and can be applied to any fabric surface.

While they can be displayed on any fabric, embroidered artworks are commonly showcased on embroidery hoops that double as hanging frames.

4: Botanical Prints

a botanical art print

Nature has an amazing ability to boost our moods and, while bringing real plants into your home is one way to reap these benefits, you could also consider botanical art or art with a nature theme. Consider art that depicts plants, leaves, flowers, or rural landscapes.

5: Wall Planters

a wall vase with a propagated plant in water

It's no secret that plants are great for your mood, so why not incorporate some wall-mounted planters or vases to create a diverse indoor jungle that uplifts and refreshes your dopamine decor space?

6: Textured Paintings

a textured painting of a sun on the horizon

Textured art encompasses all art with a textured finish, such as plaster art or acrylic paintings, or even those made with mixed mediums such as fabric. Another type of art that brings tactile depth and visual interest, textured art would make a great addition to your dopamine decor space.

7: Fibre Art

a piece of fibre art made with green fabric

Fiber art has become immensely popular in many different interior design styles. It's perfect for decorating dopamine decor spaces as it adds a unique dimension compared to a print or poster.

8: Mirrors

a mirror with LED lights laid out in squiggly shapes around the edges

Image Credit: NeonArtists | Buy on Etsy

Mirrors are both functional and have aesthetic value, making them a 2-in-1 for dopamine decor spaces. We love this mirror by NeonArtists which features lights, offering additional illumination for your space as well.

9: Fake Food

a fake food art piece showcasing Lucky Charms cereal

The fake food art trend isn't for everyone, but if you're a fan of the dopamine decor look, this quirky artwork might be for you!

Fake food art takes many different forms, with a popular type being cereal bowls, such as the ones pictured above by ThistleAndThreadArt. These are eclectic and full of fun, everything you need from a piece of dopamine decor wall art.

10: Neon Signs

a neon sign of a frog in a cowboy hat

Image Credit: PinkBangLED | Buy on Etsy

Neon signs can tie a gallery wall together, acting as a spotlight to illuminate the whole display.

You can create your own neon sign using LED strips, buy a custom-made one with text of your choice, or choose from premade signs with quirky images such as a funky frog in a cowboy hat, like the one pictured above.

11: Text Art

a text print leaning against a wall with the words "the floor is lava"

Image Credit: YesBabeStudio | Buy on Etsy

For your wall decor to fit your dopamine decor design, it simply needs to make you feel good, and text art is a fantastic way to convey a feel-good message.

Text art doesn't just have to fall under the "live, love, laugh" vibe. We love the piece above by YesBabeStudio because it has a playful message that can reignite our childlike sense of fun.

12: Abstract Art

an abstract art print of a summer dinner garden party - colourful

Image Credit: terracottanoon | Buy on Etsy

Abstract art has its place in many different interior design styles because it can vary so much in style. Colourful, high-energy, abstract artwork can enhance the artistic feel of your dopamine decor space.

We love the piece above by terracottanoon as it conveys a sense of community while being diverse, colourful and aesthetically pleasing.

13: Graphic Art

a graphic art print that says "creative juice" with a cartoon apple and juicebox

Graphic art covers a wide range of artistic expressions, such as illustrations, drawings, paintings, prints, and digital designs.

High-energy graphic art created with bold lines, bright colours, and playful themes is ideal for dopamine decor spaces due to its vibrancy. Consider pieces with vivid hues or whimsical, cartoon-like designs for a fun, quirky touch.

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