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About Me...


My name is Lydia, founder of Lavender and Laurel. L&L was born from my love of home. A home is more than just a house or a location; it should be a place that feels safe, healing, and, above all, welcoming. Life is complicated, and we all need a place to recharge. Having a refuge where you can balance the difficulties of daily circumstances with joy and rest is the key to living an easier life.  


Ever since childhood, I've been a home bird. My home was my sanctuary, and when my space was in disorder, I felt disordered. This is where my keenness to understand how our homes can affect us began. Homes are birthplaces of inspiration, where we process our triumphs and failures, turn ideas into realities, and heal our suffering. They are vessels for memories and cocoons to retreat to.


I am a writer, an artist, and a listening ear, but I am also on my own mental health journey. Having struggled with anxiety for most of my life, I have always been fascinated by the human mind, and after receiving a late ADHD diagnosis in my mid-twenties, I knew I needed to create an environment that suited my individual needs and helped me to thrive. On my journey of self-understanding, I began to recognise just how many people, whether neurodivergent or not, were overwhelmingly sensitive to their environment, just like me. Cultivating a home that serves my unique brain chemistry has been profoundly helpful in supporting my well-being. The right home atmosphere can calm every sense in a way that allows us to fully recharge away from the unpredictable and overstimulating world outside. Lavender & Laurel is my testament to how a well-designed space can bring magic to everyday life. It's intended to make the idea of a beautiful, nurturing home a reality, no matter your budget or how big or small your home is.

A home is a physical interpretation of your soul. My mission is to inspire and guide you in turning your living spaces into sources of comfort, joy, and self-expression by way of thoughtful tips, inspiring ideas, and practical advice on making your space your own.


I'm thrilled to have you as part of the Lavender and Laurel community. Feel free to reach out, share your stories, and ask questions. Connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest, and don't hesitate to drop me a message at


Thank you for visiting Lavender and Laurel; I hope you feel at home here.


Warmest wishes,


Founder, Lavender and Laurel
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