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11 Dopamine-Infused Home Decor Picks

As dopamine decor enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for products that tick the boxes of fun, quirky, unique and happiness-drenched.

That's why we have put together this collection of home decor products which could be just what you need to add a ray of sunshine or splash of serotonin to your interior design.

Keep reading to explore our product picks.

1: "Good Vibes Mostly" Print by YesBabeStudio - Etsy

A colourful dopamine decor art print that says good vibes, mostly

True dopamine decor is all about infusing positivity into the essence of your home. Funky prints with a playful colour scheme are a staple way to do this. 

This "Good Vibes Mostly" print by YesBabeStudio on Etsy ticks all the dopamine boxes - pastels, pinks, groovy font and feel-good message.

2: Rainbow Bud Vases by SunSprinklesShop - Etsy

A set of four rainbow, colourful vases

We feel a happy home is incomplete without a little rainbow. These simply adorable mini bud vases feature 3D handmade decorations and are big enough to fit 1-2 flowers, making them the perfect colourful touch for an accent shelf.

3: "Bloom in Your Own Time" Suncatcher Window Decal by JuliaKestnerDesigns - Etsy

Sticking with the rainbow theme, this iridescent window decal catches the sunlight and casts a rainbow-flooded light across the room, infusing it with colour. Featuring a charming illustration of a watering can and flowers along with a message of positivity.

4: Moon Door Topper by OwlStoneCo - Etsy

A gold crescent moon, door topper

Door toppers add a touch of charm to your door frame, a spot that's usually left blank. This delightful golden crescent moon door topper is a unique addition that brings character to any doorway.

Its shimmering gold surface will catch the light beautifully if placed near a window and it can also be added to shelves and other areas thanks to the corner-cut-out design.

5: Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper by StreetWorkshop - Etsy

Colourful paint streak wallpaper with an end table and footstool

Colourful wallpaper is another common staple of a dopamine-drenched space. Durable, eco-friendly and removable, StreetWorkshop's wallpaper is ideal for rented spaces. Simply peel and stick and your home will be infused with character.

6: Liquid Arch Reflector Mirror by Galisfly - Etsy

Holographic, liquid arch mirror, reflector

Doubling as wall art and a mirror, this liquid arch reflector has a holographic effect, giving off different colours at different angles. It's functional and aesthetically pleasing, so it ticks all of our boxes for a dopamine decor space!

7: Seashell Martini Glasses by NyxiieUS - Etsy

A set of martini glasses made from seashells

Ideal for ocean enthusiasts, these martini glasses are crafted from natural seashells. Each glass is unique and will add a touch of whimsical individuality to your space. Perfect for hosting in your dopamine-decorated home.

8: Smiley Face Fridge Magnets by PaulloDesign - Etsy

A set of colourful smiley face fridge magnets

Fridge magnets remind us of fun childhood moments spent arranging them and using them to hold up pictures or notes for family members.

These cute and cheerful magnets can be used to decorate your fridge, dishwasher, or any other magnetic surface. Colourful, smiley, quirky and functional. It's a "Definitely yes!" from us.

9: Wildflower Throw Pillow Cover by PietyAndDesireShop - Etsy

Throw pillow with wildflower illustrations

Nature-themed items are a great way to infuse your space with a feel-good atmosphere. This wildflower throw pillow cover features colourful wildflowers in faux embroidery. It will instantly add a touch of brightness to your sofa or bed.

10: Planet+Moon Crystal Suncatcher by StudioKiero - Etsy

Two crystal sun catchers hanging

Another way to make rainbows dance around your room - this gorgeous hanging suncatcher is made with jewellery grade 18k gold plated materials that resist tarnishing.

Suncatchers are commonly used to neutralise negative energies, as well as adding a touch of sunlight magic to any space.

11: Crochet Flower Coasters by LoveIndyUK - Etsy

A set of colourful crocheted flower coasters

Ticking the boxes of colourful, playful and adorable, LoveIndyUK's crocheted flower coasters had to make it to this week's product picks.

Both practical and stylish, protecting your surfaces while infusing your living space with a cheerful ambience.

What are your favourites in this week's product picks? Let us know in the comments!

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