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7 Ultimate Romantic Bath Tips | Couples & Solo

How to Make a Bathroom Romantic

a bath with lemon slices floating in it with a bathtray holding flowers, candles and bath salt

It's no secret that a warm bath can wash away stress and help you unwind. 

The benefits of a hot soak in the tub include improved sleep, circulation, and relief from sore muscles. 

couple's bath is a great way to relax and get intimate with your partner, and for this, a romantic atmosphere is a must. 

And there's no reason to dull down the sensual ambience just because you're bathing alone.

If you want to upgrade your basic bath routine - for yourself, or with a partner - all that's needed is a little preparation before you get in the tub. 

In this article, we will explore 7 ways in which you can create the ideal setting for a blissfully romantic bath. We'll also cover specific tips for the perfect solo bath and couple's bath.

Mix and match the tips below, and adjust your bath to your preferences. 

1: Bath Additions

someone adding a pink bath bomb to a bathtub

Ditch your basic bath water and add some luxury. 

  • Bath bombs: Bath bombs are fun and offer multiple benefits in one, e.g. bath colouring, skin-friendly ingredients and delightful scents

  • Bath oils: Bath oils can moisturise your skin as you bathe. But don't just put any oils in your bath! Ensure they're designed for bathing and are skin-safe. Continue reading for the most romantic essential oils

  • Bubble bath: A classic option, bubble bath cleanses your skin and can increase the cosy feel of your bath. Plus, they're entertaining!

  • Bath salts: Bath salts are known for helping to relax sore muscles. Some great options are Dead Sea, pink Himalayan or magnesium bath salts

  • Flowers: Rose petals are classic, but you can also use lavender buds, mint leaves, and chamomile, hibiscus, calendula or jasmine flowers

  • Citrus Slices: Lemon or orange slices can add a refreshing scent and the peel contains rejuvenating oils that can moisturise your skin

Note: Be mindful of cleaning the tub thoroughly afterwards to prevent any debris from clogging the drain.

2: Choose the Right Scents

someone adding essential oils to a diffuser

Scent has a big impact on the atmosphere of a space. Choosing aromas that enhance the romantic vibe will ensure your bath is as relaxing as possible.

Most Romantic Scents

Look for products scented with these aromas, or use essential oils. You can use one scent or mix and match multiples to your preference. If using essential oils you can put them straight in the bath or in a diffuser or oil burner

  • Rose 

  • Jasmine

  • Lavender 

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Vanilla

  • Amber

Top Methods for Scent Diffusion

  • Scented candles

  • Aromatherapy diffuser

  • Oil burners

  • Reed diffusers

  • Scented bath oils

  • Scented bath bombs

3: Set the Lighting

a bathtub surrounded by candles and houseplants

Lighting has a huge effect on the ambience. Typically, warm, soft lighting is ideal for a romantic atmosphere. 

A cosy glow is what you're aiming for. It's gentle on your eyes, inducing relaxation, but it's also flattering, which is ideal for intimate settings like a couple's bath.

Explore the lighting options below and mix and match to find the desired effect.

Safety note: Ensure any electrical lighting is far away from any water and position candles safely.

How to Create Romantic Lighting

  • String lights: These create a gentle glow, perfect for mood lighting. Place battery-powered LEDs in a jar to keep them away from bathwater

  • Candles: Nothing is more romantic than candles. Plus, scented candles are a 2-in-1 ambience-boosting combo.

  • Projector lights: Projector lights with star or ocean wave effects can make your bathroom more tranquil and immersive, heightening relaxation

  • Layer lighting: A must for ambient lighting is layering. Avoid one bright light source and use multiple small light sources to create a soft, evenly-distributed glow

  • Play with lighting colour: Some colours are more conducive to relaxation. Typically, warm lighting, e.g. red, yellow and orange, is the most effective for increasing relaxation. However, some studies show that blue-coloured lighting can help reduce stress. 

4: Create Soothing Ambience

bathroom with copper bathtub surrounded by houseplants

As well as scent and lighting, you can enhance your bathroom's romantic ambience by combining the options below.

  • Music: Play some relaxing tunes

  • Soundscapes: Rain/ocean/nature sounds or relaxing ASMR are great alternatives to music

  • Bring nature indoors: Infuse freshness by putting flowers or houseplants in your bathroom

  • Clean space: Before you bath, tidy up your bathroom. There's nothing less relaxing than clutter and mess. Most importantly, clean your bathtub before you fill it up

5: Maximise Comfort

a bath with bath tray, book, cup of tea, candles and plant

Discomfort can completely ruin your bath experience.

Ultimate bath comfort depends on various factors, so let's delve into the main things you can do to ensure the perfect bath.

  • Bath pillows: To support your head, neck, and shoulders

  • Bath mats: Cushioned inner bath mats provide a soft, anti-slip surface for your body

  • Bath tray: Using a bath tray provides somewhere for you to put a drink, snacks, a book, etc

  • Temperature: Bath water temperature is personal. Test the water with your wrist or elbow - if it feels comfortable and not too hot, you're good to go. 

6: Flirty Treats

a plate of chocolate covered strawberries

A bath is always better with indulgent snacks and drinks. Choose treats you love to elevate your romantic bath.

  • Finger foods, e.g. chocolate-covered strawberries, spring rolls, sushi, cheese board, fruits, pretzels, etc

  • Champagne, wine or cocktails

  • Ice-cold, bubbly soft drinks

  • Herbal tea

7: Post-Bath Prep

a person in a bathrobe applying skincare products

In our opinion, the worst part of the bath is getting out. With a bit of prep beforehand, you can stay warm and cosy and extend the relaxing effects of your bath.

  • Prepare towels and robes: Have your softest towels or a towelling robe on hand

  • Heat towels and robes: If you have a radiator or towel heater, heat some soft, fluffy towels and bathrobe before you get in the tub

  • Bedtime routine: If you're bathing in the evening, consider prepping your space so you can get ready for bed with ease. Prepare your bed (consider preheating with a heating pad or hot water bottle). Choose moisturisers or oils you want to apply. Select your comfiest pyjamas

Romantic Self-Love Bath for One

a pair of hands in bath water

Just because you're taking a bath alone, it doesn't mean you can't create a romantic atmosphere to enjoy solo.

Hot baths are a great opportunity to practice self-love. Indulging in some blissful relaxation away from work, chores, and other distractions can help to reduce stress levels, while the warm water soothes sore or tense muscles. 

Below are some ideas for how to enhance your romantic solo bath experience. Pick and choose according to your preference, following the steps above to create the perfect setting.

Practice Mindfulness

someone listening to headphones in a bath full of flowers

The peaceful effect of the hot water and being away from screens is the perfect recipe for clearing your mind. 

  • Listen to a guided meditation or perform some breathing exercises

  • Use noise-cancelling headphones: If you live in a noisy household and find it difficult to switch off, this might help you journey into a bubble of calm

  • Journal: Putting your thoughts on paper is a chance for self-introspection. FYI: journaling in the bath is much easier if you have a bath tray

Home Spa

someone holding a bathbomb in a bath with bath tray holding candles

If you plan on taking a long bath, take advantage to give your body some well-deserved TLC.

  • Do a face mask

  • Put in a hair mask

  • Paint your nails

  • Prep body oils or moisturisers to apply to wet skin when you get out


someone reading in the bath

If you don't enjoy doing nothing in the bath, here are some ways to entertain yourself.

  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook

  • Read a heartwarming book

  • Watch a romantic movie (just be careful with any electricals near water)

Romantic Couples Bath Ideas

couple drinking red wine in a bubble bath

A couple’s bath provides uninterrupted time to reconnect with your partner and create intimacy away from distractions. 

Bathing with your partner is a great Valentine's Day, anniversary or birthday activity. A couple's bath is also a great way to end date night.

Below are some tips for enhancing your couple’s bath experience.

Every couple is different, so customise your bath according to your preferences and use the tips above to create the perfect ambience.

Don't forget to switch off your phones and give each other undivided attention.


Someone in the bath being massaged

Swapping massages with your partner is a surefire way to foster intimacy.

  • Swap foot, hand, shoulder or neck massages

  • Use massage oils with scents such as rose, jasmine, lavender, ylang ylang


a soap bubble

This is a great chance to bond and have some fun.

  • Playing cards or board games (ideally plastic or waterproof ones)

  • A surface to play card or board games on, e.g. bath tray

  • Twenty Questions

  • “Would you rather?” questions

Conversation Topics 

a couple talking - one in the bath, one sitting outside it

Use the lack of distraction to have deep conversations and enhance your connection with your partner.

When life gets busy or stressful, it can be easy to forget to make time for romance and self-love. But these elements are the formula for reducing stress, increasing contentment and forming happy, lasting relationships.

If you find it difficult to relax even when you have time to, you're not alone. That's why creating an atmosphere that encourages relaxation is crucial.

Even with the best bath bombs, peace won't come if your mind races. Make a mental commitment to clear your thoughts and rejuvenate your body.

Share in the comments how these tips enhanced your solo or couple's bath experience. Enjoy!


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