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9 Dark Academia Home Decor Product Picks

a dark academia console table featuring ornate books against black and gold damask wallpaper

When it comes to interior design, Dark Academia embraces academics, literature, and the arts, oozing romanticism of all things intellectual. It assumes a classic yet mysterious atmosphere that uses rich colours and sophisticated décor. Some even describe Dark Academia spaces as gothic, evocative and regal. Enthusiasts of this moody style are drawn to its refined and darkly elegant aesthetic, finding pleasure in the studious ambience it creates.

As we're huge fans of this romantic and melancholic style, we have put together a collection of 9 Dark Academia home decor products that complement the aesthetic.

Keep reading to explore our product picks.

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9 Dark Academia Home Decor Product Picks

1: Black Peony Chinoiserie Wallpaper by OptimisticPixel - Etsy

a dark academia bathroom sink with mirror, sconces and black peony wallpaper

With gothic elements being a major inspiration for Dark Academia spaces, this stunning abstract peony fabric wallpaper is available in various types, depending on whether you want it to be permanent or removable, and made of fabric or vinyl.

2: Albino Bats and Pomegranate Giclee Print by AlbinoJackrabbit - Etsy

a framed print of a painting of albino bats and pomegrante fruits

With an energy of both darkness and beauty, this beautiful giclee print is from an original hand-painted piece and goes beautifully with the Dark Academia aesthetic. Available in 5 different sizes.

3: Acryclic Book Flower Vase by LaVieLenteStyle - Etsy

a bunch of flowers in a vase shaped like a book with the title "The Language of Flowers" on an outdoor table

This unique flower vase is perfect for Dark Academia spaces, featuring a poetic and melancholic piece of text that embodies this aesthetic's essence of literature and romanticism.

4: Dark Academia Bookshelf Blanket Tapestry by InkandShadow - Etsy

someone outdoors holding up a wall tapestry printed with old-fashioned books and plants

There's no need to explain why this gorgeous tapestry would fit beautifully in a Dark Academia space. Featuring a stunning illustration of a bookshelf full of ornate books and plants, you can use it as a blanket or a wall tapestry.

5: The Lovers Tarot Card Art Print by DeadLonelyCo - Etsy

someone holding up a framed print of a take on the lovers tarot card with skeletons and roses

A gothic interpretation of "The Lovers" tarot card, this haunting print captures both gothic and melancholic essences and is available in 2 colours and 5 sizes.

6: Veiled Lady Soy Candle - by AestheticCandlesUS  - Etsy

a gothic candle of a veiled woman

Haunting and evocative, this candle is made from soy wax and comes in various scents, from cashmere musk to toasted marshmallows. Candles can enhance a Dark Academia space like nothing else, providing soft ambient lighting to relax in.

7: Secret Garden Lampshade by BespokeByNikita - Etsy

an old-fashioned lampshade with fringe and a floral print

Made of cotton and silk, this beautiful lampshade can enhance the antique feel of your Dark Academia design. Handmade and crafted by artisans, the lampshade features a floral print with rayon fringe and silk details. 

8: Classic French Style Embroidered Flower Throw Pillow Cover by NabisFabric - Etsy

someone holding a black throw pillow with embroidered magnolia flowers

Classic and elegant, this beautiful throw pillow cover features embroidered magnolia flowers and branches and is made of mink cashmere. Its dark colour and sleek embroidery perfectly complement the Dark Academia aesthetic, while the sumptuous texture will make your space ooze with luxury.

9: Brass Vanity Make-Up Mirror by elcreadesigns - Etsy

a gold vanity mirror on a desk with skincare products and jewellery

This gorgeous mirror will add a modern-cum-Art Deco look to your Dark Academia design. Both elegant and sleek, the mirror would look beautiful on a vanity table or a hallway console table.

What are your favourites in this week's product picks? Let us know in the comments!

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