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14 Hygge-Inspired Home Decor Product Picks

The Danish-Norwegian word "hygge" (pronounced "hooga") describes a cosy and contended mood or a lifestyle centred around cosiness, comfort, laughter and quality time with loved ones.

When it comes to interior design, hygge enthusiasts love to fill their homes with soft and cosy textures, simplistic but high-quality designs, and natural materials.

As we're a little obsessed with hygge-inspired aesthetics we have put together this collection of home decor products that complement a cosy, warm and comforting environment.

Keep reading to explore our product picks.

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14 Hygge-Inspired Home Decor Product Picks

1: Chunky Chenille Knit Blanket by JennysKnitCo - Etsy

Chunky Chenille Knit Blanket

A cosy blanket is a staple for a hygge-infused space. This luscious chunky-knit blanket is made from jumbo chenille yarn and is made in the US. Available in a variety of different sizes, it will add an extra level of depth and texture to your design.

2: Large Epoxy Resin Wooden Serving Tray by UnusualThingsbyOlga - Etsy

Large Epoxy Resin Wooden Serving Tray

We adore incorporating products that exude raw natural beauty into our hygge interior designs. Crafted from a wild olive tree stump, this exquisite serving tray infuses your space with luxurious rustic charm. Ideal for placement on a coffee table, bedside table, or dining table, it keeps your items neatly contained and easily portable, helping you maintain a tidy environment.

3: Handmade Ceramic Coffee Cup by ShoppableSun - Etsy

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Cups with floral designs

Warm drinks are another essential component for achieving hygge, and when served in a beautiful artisan mug, you can enjoy contentment in style. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, these mugs are available in four different designs, each showcasing a unique floral pattern.

4: Nordic Style Ceramic Candle Holder Stick by PourToiHome - Etsy

Nordic Style Ceramic Candle Holder Stick

In our view, no hygge space is truly complete without candles. This charming ceramic candle holder boasts a Nordic style and is ideal for showcasing taper candles with simplicity and warmth.

5: Knitted Pouf by SonjaTerAccDesign - Etsy

Knitted Pouf

Layering soft furnishings enhances hygge, adding warmth and cosiness. These knitted pouf footstools expand seating without overcrowding, boosting your home's inviting charm.

6: Cherry Wood Rotating Bookshelf - by PalumbaCamdenRose  - Etsy

Cherry Wood Rotating Bookshelf

Functionality is vital for hygge, as it ensures a happy home. This stunning rotating bookshelf, crafted from high-quality cherry wood, features a Lazy Susan bottom. Ideal for the living room, child's bedroom, or kitchen, it saves space and boosts functionality.

7: Spring Green Handmade Rattan Serving Tray by BBDecorHouse - Etsy

Spring Green Handmade Rattan Serving Tray

We love using trays to organise items such as decorative ornaments, toiletries and table clutter. This stunning woven rattan tray, adorned with Mother of Pearl petals and a natural colour palette, is a beautiful addition to your hygge-fied space.

8: The Wub With Dimmable Warm LED Bulb by TerraLabsDesign - Etsy

a lamp with a paper lampshade

Cosy lighting is a must-have in any hygge space. This stunning lamp is perfect for creating a calming ambiance and is made with renewable biopolymers. If you're searching for a lamp that diffuses and softens light, be sure to check this one out!

9: Star Flowers Dried by MossyMossByOlia - Etsy

a bouqet of dried star flowers

Bringing nature indoors is another wonderful way to enhance the grounding and comforting qualities of your home. We adore incorporating dried flowers because they require minimal care and last a long time. This exquisite bouquet of dried star flowers adds a charming touch to your space with its neutral colour palette.

10: White Iceland Sheepskin Rug by Follkee - Etsy

white sheepskin rug slung over a chair

If you've read our article on infusing hygge into your home, you'll understand that the right rug is the perfect finishing touch for a cosy and inviting atmosphere. This genuine sheepskin rug, sourced naturally, is wonderfully soft underfoot and instantly adds a touch of luxury to any space.

11: Handwoven Pine Needle and Raffia Cecelia Basket by Katestoltznyc - Etsy

small hand woven basket

Another artisan gem is this stunning pine needle and faffia basket. Measuring eight inches across, it serves as an excellent alternative to a trinket dish or can be used for serving bread or pastries. With its simple yet intricate design, this basket is sure to enhance the hygge atmosphere.

12: MCM Scandinavian Wood Coffee Table by LeMidCenturyBoutique - Etsy

a wooden scandinavian coffee table with 4 drawers

We've selected this stunning solid mango wood coffee table for its simple, rustic design and its space-saving features. With four drawers ideal for storing board games, remote controllers, or books, this MCM-style table showcases a sturdy, handcrafted Scandinavian design. It embodies everything you could desire in the perfect hygge coffee table.

13: Set of 2 Circular Hollow Ceramic Vases by PourToiHome - Etsy

a set of 2 nordic style vases with dried flowers and foliage inside against a backdrop of a couch and wall art

This set of 2 Nordic vases is the ideal decorative addition to your hygge space. With a unique yet simplistic aesthetic, these pieces embody the "less is more" ethos that complements hygge perfectly.

14: Textured Curvy Wall Hanging by DeeMacAndCo - Etsy

a cotton wall hanging over a wooden chest and a potted houseplant

Last but not least is this beautiful wall hanging, crafted with high-quality cotton cords. It adds a touch of organic modernity to your hygge space and speaks volumes with its simplicity. The wooden slat measures 32 inches, making this wall hanging large enough to serve as the centerpiece of a small wall.

What are your favourites in this week's product picks? Let us know in the comments!

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